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9/April/2016 60 times around the sun and time to start updating the site when we can. June 9th I am honored to have been chosen to be a guest lecturer at the new . The Big Boys doc is set to be finishing up this fall in hopes of a SXSW debut March 2017. Art shows coming up in Seattle (July) and 9/December/2015 Not 1 but 3 articles! Japan for 2 weeks, home for 4 days, then off to Montgomery for a week ..... I cannot express how honored I was to get to do this show at the Rosa Parks Museum and the mural for Montgomery.

Being in bands, helping book shows, recording bands, and making art took the front seat. though mentally, I was, and still am , surfing every time I step on a skateboard. This last year or so, I have slowly been bringing the physical side of surfing back into my life and now long to head right, and slide along the wall of waist-to-chest-high mellow waves.

There is an art show opening this Thursday (July 13) at the Safe Room At The Texas Theatre in Dallas.

August 26th, I will have a solo art show at in Skokie just outside of Chicago.

For the rest of my waking days and dreaming nights.

I am really looking forward to this and giving something back to something that has always had a part of my soul.

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