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While all other turreted reoviruses of known structures have at least two copies of the clamp protein per asymmetric unit, FAKV's clamp protein bound at only one conformer of the major capsid protein.The FAKV capsid architecture and genome organization represent the most simplified reovirus described to date, and phylogenetic analysis suggests that it arose from a more complex ancestor by serial loss-of-function events.The innermost shell contains two interlocking peanut-shaped monomers of the major capsid protein, which are chemically but not structurally identical.Therefore, this T=1 layer has sometimes been described as “T=2” to emphasize the conformational nonequivalence of the two chemically identical monomers per asymmetric unit. A virus that caused overt cytopathic effects was isolated, but it did not infect vertebrate cells or produce detectable disease in infant mice after intracerebral inoculation.The virus, tentatively designated Fako virus (FAKV), represents the first 9-segment, double-stranded RNA (ds RNA) virus to be isolated in nature.

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In contrast to cypoviruses that form polyhedra/occlusion bodies, APRV is nonoccluded (8).

Here, we describe the first ) to be detected in nature, which was isolated during a surveillance study in the Fako division of Cameroon in 2010 and tentatively designated Fako virus (FAKV).

FAKV is related to both single-shelled and partially double-shelled viruses (3) and has minimal genetic composition.

Human and livestock diseases are commonly caused by viruses transmitted from enzootic hosts by arthropod vectors (1).

Mosquito surveillance studies have been key to understanding the prevalence, distribution, and outbreak potential of the majority of these pathogens, as well as for the detection of novel pathogenic and nonpathogenic agents.

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