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Marez acknowledged that the United States has previously, and is currently, the largest supplier of military aid to many governments, including some with poor human rights records, but explained that Israel is the only country in which "civil society groups" had specifically asked the ASA to launch a boycott.

Over new members joined the organisation between the December vote to boycott Israeli academic institutions and April The ASA subsequently released a statement that said it had "collected more membership revenue in the past three months than in any other three-month period over the past quarter-century" and that their organization is "thriving".

She said that the school dating akademiker not a sponsor of a BDS conference taking place on campus in February In Marchthe American Federation of Teachers AFT reiterated its opposition any academic boycott of Israel or any other country but added that discussion of the Israel-Palestinian conflict should be encouraged.

The Anti-Defamation League issued a statement which condemned the motion explaining:.

However, we expect that such a discussion would not be one-sided and would consider the behavior of all the relevant actors.

An academic boycott of Israel, or of any country, for that matter, would effectively suppress free speech without helping to resolve the conflict.

The idea of an academic boycott dating akademiker Israel first emerged publicly in England on 6 April in an open letter to The Guardian initiated by Steven and Hilary Roseprofessors in biology at the Open University and social policy at the University of Bradford respectively, who called for a moratorium on all and research links with Israel.

Odd though it may appear, many national and European cultural and research institutions, including especially those funded from the EU and the European Science Foundationregard Israel as a European state for the purposes of awarding grants and contracts.

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