Star trek 9 minute preview online dating

So if you’re a Spock looking for your Uhura, may the force be with you.

But with so many niche dating websites out there—stripper lovers seeking strippers; farmer crushers looking for a man who can wield a hoe—why is the idea of Trekkies looking for love online so fascinating?

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This calculator allows you to convert normal dates and times into a Stardate.

“These aren’t people who have just seen a few episodes and moved on,” Farkas says. “You end up with these small pools of people and matches where one person is 30 and one is 60, or one is in Greensboro and one is another country,” he says.

“I wish all the sites well, but I would never recommend a client join one.”Still, there are sci-fi success stories.

Head to one of the Star Trek–themed sites listed in this piece. Nothing is too strange,” says Frank Farkas, marketing assistant at First Beat Media—which owns a large portfolio of dating niche websites—and creator of Trekkies They worship the show.”In that regard, Star Trek isn’t just the perfect icebreaker to ease the awkwardness of an online meet-cute. “Go to generic sites like or e, and it’s harder to find someone you have this much in common with or someone with an interest you can latch on to that says we’re this similar,” Farkas says. A mutual quirky interest or shared obsession over the same movie predicts nothing about a potential couple’s future compatibility, says dating coach and author Evan Marc Katz.

Still, there’s something about the Star Trek fan community that makes sites celebrating them thrive. That both parties enjoy Star Trek has no bearing on whether they’re going to be devoted partners or argue a lot or be able to support each financially other decades from now.“Tell me how many grandparents stayed together because they both like Lawrence Welk,” he says. Go without your wife and have fun.” Putting so much stock in one interest rules out 90 percent of the people you could meet on a broader site that considers Vulcan fetishes as just one of many other equally (OK, perhaps more) important traits.

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Whatever date and time you enter, this caluclator will give you the same Stardate as Star Trek Online. Soon after Trek’s launch in 2004, Conan O’Brien caught wind of the site and mentioned it in the opening monologue of his show.“He said the site is going great, and they hope now a girl will join,” Carter remembers.Set roughly a decade before the events of the original Star Trek series and separate from the timeline of the concurrently produced feature films, Discovery explores the Federation–Klingon war while following the crew of the USS Discovery. Berg and Aaron Harberts serve as showrunners on the series, with producing support from Akiva Goldsman.Sonequa Martin-Green stars as Michael Burnham, a science specialist on the USS Discovery.

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