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the amendment received the support of the Ministers for Local Government, Michael Howard and Michael Portillo.

On being tabled, a compromise amendment was introduced by Simon Hughes on 8 December 1987 that was debated in the House on 15 December 1987 and which was defeated by a majority of 87, I should regret it if this Bill were to go through with this clause unamended.

As a consequence of the DPP deciding that the Crown Prosecution Service could not prosecute the publishers of the Playbook for Kids about Sex, and the start of local government spending on support groups for LGBT people, papers and Conservative backbench members of Parliament became concerned that left-wing councils or schools would provide children with pro-homosexual material or commend homosexuality to children, whose long title was An act to refrain local authorities from promoting homosexuality, in the House of Lords, drafted for him by Lord Campbell of Alloway.

At the time, the incumbent Conservative government considered Halsbury's bill to be too misleading and risky.

More and more councils began to adopt wide-ranging anti-discrimination policies (particularly Ealing, Haringey, Islington, Camden and Manchester who employed officers to counter homophobia).

To add insult to their injury, they were infuriated that it was their money, paid over as council tax, which was being used for this.

The Greater London Council (GLC) directly started funding LGBT groups, and between 19 grants totalling at least £292,548 were given by the GLC to a variety of small gay groups.

Another £751,000 was committed towards the setting up of the London Lesbian and Gay Community Centre in Islington.

This legislation was supported by block voting from the NUM.

all fuelled a heightened public awareness of LGBT rights.

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