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” Now it happened dear children that 500 years after Jesus Christ was crucified, the Roman Catholic Church took the crazed writings of Saul of Tarsus and made a religion out of it.

They called this religion, “Christianity.” Thus we are not going to bother studying this false and hate-mongering religion.” I was very disappointed and said to myself, “How could so many people over 1700 years base their lives of virtuous conduct, (as I saw it), upon a man’s ‘crazed writings?

’” When I got home I asked my father what he thought about Saul of Tarsus. And I soon found myself captivated by the person of Jesus Christ!

My father answered, “Saul of Tarsus tried to convince Jews to become Christians. He was a man who rubbed shoulders with the common people.

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I did read about the sufferings of Jesus Christ and it made me cry.He was a man who taught the people from every-day life experiences.And what I liked most of all about Him was when He said to the religious leaders, “The harlots and tax collectors go into the kingdom of heaven before you.” I could almost see Him saying this to Mrs Schecter who called Him a “criminal.” I simply found myself falling in love with Jesus Christ!For this reason, large families are common in Orthodox communities. Many Orthodox Jews do not touch members of the opposite sex except their spouses, and the sexes are usually separated in school and prayer.Sex education is largely not taught in schools, although young brides and grooms are given counseling before they wed.

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