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"Come on, we're trying to have a drink here," said one of them."Not watch some dude have his eye carved out." Andee smiled and apologized, saying she was just trying to find something other than sports. conversation has to better than watching that gross stuff." Andee looked at the bartender, who gave her a knowing nod as if to suggest the guys were decent enough to join.She shared stories about going to lifestyle clubs and the time she turned her bi-curious thoughts into confirmed bisexual lusts.The guys sat in blissful silence as she teased them with just enough information to peak their interest, but not reveal too much in the details.Steve, the one who spoke first, was in his mid-40s, married (she noticed his ring) and had a well-kept goatee.

He seemed to be genuinely happy that she had sat there, as it gave him someone to chat with as he polished glasses and poured the occasional draft beer.

obviously, you are married because I saw the rings on your finger? Steve told her what room they were in, and Andee headed back to hers.

She whipped through a quick "freshen up" process and dug through her suitcase to find the lace panties and matching bra she had packed to wear under her business suit; something a little sexier than the comfortable "travel" pair she was wearing.

Andee asked if she could change the channel on the TV behind the bar, and the bartender obliged by handing her the remote.

She scanned through some channels before settling on a medical documentary that was showing surgeries.

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