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You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.A quick-thinking California woman foiled would-be robbers by faking a seizure in a move she learned from the TV show Law and Order.So let’s try and help change this shift in attitude.One thing to make very clear is resist the need to work everything out, please don’t waste time and energy doing this, it is time to interact with the world around you and not yourself and how you are feeling, this just makes you feel more inward.I was not running home feeling sorry for myself, anxiety was not winning, I was.These trips to the quiz went on for many months and each time I went I would feel a little more comfortable and a little more normal, until I was sitting chatting away and enjoying myself.One other thing, I keep getting emails from people off the blog asking if I can do a post on this subject or that subject.I can’t do requests, as I can’t just help one person, it has to be for the benefit of everyone, so please don’t be offended. After looking through and reading a lot of posts I decided to talk about people’s attitude to anxiety.

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I always say people are too impressed by how they are feeling at the present time, that’s when all the ‘What am I doing wrong’? You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed.

If anyone ever asks me what was the eureka moment, what really helped?

I always say it was a shift in my attitude to how I felt.

They start to understand far more and there symptoms impress them less, yes they may still dislike them, but they are able to see them in a different light.

When someone writes a positive post it is obvious that there has been a big shift in attitude to how they view how they feel.

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