Dating website adjectives

You and your spouse take turns writing ‘dirty’ phrases in each section of the dart board (or you can even use sticker labels if you don’t want to write directly on the board), then start throwing!Wherever you land, you’ve got to put on your most seductive voice and say it to your spouse.Oh, and did I mention that cheating during the game is totally encouraged?Go ahead and use that body of yours to block your spouse’s view. Each time you successfully pick up a stick, use it to feed each other sensual foods covered in chocolate!start by assigning each number (1-6) a body part (you can each have your own list or create one to share) and then when it’s your turn to take turns writing different foreplay ideas on each of the squares.

You can spend your ‘money’ whenever you want, just use this Value Menu to help you decide what to order!

You could try wagers like, “If I win, you lose your shirt.” The only catch is that you both have to agree to the other person’s wager before you can ‘wage’ war on each other!

Simply add the phrase ‘in bed’ to the end of each combination for more hysterical laughs and to help you set the sexy mood!

Every time you lose a round (but really you’re both winners in this game–wink!

) you get to turn up the music and “striiiip” off a piece of clothing in the most seductive way possible.

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