Dating violence among emancipating foster youth

One was if the marriage was a nullity, through impotence, insanity or potential incest.

In those cases, the Church permitted the divorcees to remarry, but rendered their children illegitimate.

He argued that the law was illogical and unjust, that it encouraged immorality by denying unhappily married people release.

The Lords reacted with horror, moving that his Bill be rejected, not least because they believed Russell "had form".

The former model Susan Sangster has already been awarded around £18million from three divorces, and is looking for another payout when a judge in the High Court next month rules on her fourth divorce. Caroline was a moving force behind one of the most emancipating pieces of legislation in our history, the Marriage and Divorce Act, which became law 150 years ago this month. By the time the Bill passed, she had experienced first-hand the suffering and despair which were the lot of many married women at that time.

Attractive, witty and intelligent, Caroline was the grand-daughter of the playwright Richard Sheridan. The family was not rich, and to help improve their prospects, she agreed to marry, in 1827, the younger son of a peer, the ambitious George Norton, MP for Guildford. They disagreed about everything: Caroline favoured social reform; George was a hard-line Tory.

She was 50 when, in 1858, largely due to her unflagging efforts, the Bill she had fought for was passed into law.

But it was only after George died, in 1877 that Caroline, now aged 69, could re-marry - this time to Sir William Stirling-Maxwell, who gave her three months of happiness before her death.

So with the help of a sympathetic MP she persuaded Parliament to pass a law allowing mothers who had not had adultery proved against them the right of custody of their young children.And if a woman left the home to take refuge elsewhere, as Caroline did twice, her husband could lock her out, without needing a court order.As for divorce, there were only three ways of applying for a separation, 150 years ago, all of them under the control of the Church of England, which regarded it as an offence against God's will, each of them with a heavy penalty.A second was available in cases of adultery, sodomy or physical violence: it did not let the petitioners remarry, but permitted a separation.A third was to get a separation and then sue the spouse for adultery.

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