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After the witty 'Creep Qawwali', All India Bakchod's advertising wing Vigyapanti is back with yet another digital video 'The Watchboyz Feat' for dating app Truly Madly.As with all the brand's previous campaigns including 'Man Parade' and 'Boy Browsing', this little over four-minute video also tries to break the various barriers that discourage single women from dating online.The AIB used the picture of a Modi lookalike at a train station and superimposed the dog filter onto PM Modi's picture.The picture, captioned #wanderlust, was subsequently deleted after the AIB was bombarded with criticism and accused of insulting Modi and "hurting the national sentiment".The medium, being contextual, creates its own sensibilities as far as what is acceptable and what is offensive is concerned.

Kaustav Das, CEO, Ralph and Das, echoes a similar sentiment.

Creep Qawwali addressed the issue of keeping out the undesirable ones, and finally, the Watchboyz are urging girls to not bother about what others think of them dating."The success of the app is hinged on enough girls subscribing.

Getting boys on it is easy, but considering our country's cultural and conservative milieu, the challenge lies in attracting a critical mass of girls.

But, curiously, all communication has been women-centric so far.

We asked experts what they make of Truly Madly's strategy.

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