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Can sometimes be a Trope Breaker: A change in cultural context that affects Tropes.A cousin of sorts to Our Graphics Will Suck in the Future.For comparison to many of the numbers below, Earth's population is 7.4 billion and climbing as of this writing.It should be noted that some of the agricultural technologies depend on petroleum and other materials which can soon run out...Then, it really was pretty impressive, the joke being that he'd just be using it to play computer games and type out lists.

Because of this, most writers nowadays don't get too specific about computer performance, to avoid sounding dated before... Somewhat related are those moments during not-so-old films where you realize the entire plot could be resolved with something the world takes for granted today — cell phones, for instance.

See Magic Floppy Disk for cases when the tech onscreen in a futuristic series was dated .

See also Computer Equals Tape Drive, Science Marches On, What Are Records? Long-Runner Tech Marches On is when this happens In-Universe.

In one episode, the characters are all excited because of a new computer game that will be released very soon. This isn't Zeerust, which is about futuristic tech becoming old rather than about modern tech becoming old.

" You see, Technology has marched on, and things like CD-ROMs and VHS cassette tapes and so on have relatively recently become either so little-used as to be obscure, or obsolete altogether.

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