100 percent free chat rooms

Designed for minimal training and offline access from any device, Helium can handle patient records for doctor’s visits, prescriptions, and billing.

The 124 companies presenting at the entrepreneur school’s twice-yearly graduation event compose YC’s largest batch from its 12.5 years running.

— Pull Request – A marketplace for code review Pull Request is a marketplace pairing corporate code with freelance code reviewers looking for a side hustle.

The team is recruiting reviewers that have experience from top tech companies like Amazon, Facebook and Dropbox.

Property owners can easily set their address, trace an image of their home’s roof on a satellite map and within 30 seconds they get an estimate and can get connected with a roofing installer within 72 hours.

The startup takes a 10 percent fee for the process and says they’re saving their customers save about 20 percent.

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